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the european election [Jun. 8th, 2009|03:37 pm]
[Current Mood |disappointeddisappointed]

As some of you may know (and some of you might not), yesterday was the EU-election day.
People all over Europe voted for the ones they want to have a say in the decisions made in EU. You would think that everyone would vote, but only 43% voted!!!!! That is less than half, ffs!!!
I am so disappointed... (I hope all you europeans reading this voted. I really, really do.)
6 of 10 national issues start out as issues discussed in the EU, you know.

Also disappointed (and scared) by the fact that the right wing parties (all over europe) gained so much ground. Did no one learn from what happened in germany in the 1930's? First a financial crisis, then the right wing gets more and more support.
So many lifes will be lost because of these election-results, because they will build an even bigger 'wall' around Europe.

'My' party (and you all know I am pretty far to the left) lost around 50% of the votes compared to the last election and therefore lost one seat...so I am sad...and pissed of.

The Pirate Party 'stole' votes from all the other parties and will get 1 seat.
I am a bit worried about them though...I think net integrity is important too, but I do not want to vote for a party that can't even decide if they are more to the right or the left, and they have no real opinions in a lot of questions I think is important.
The good thing about them is that they have now shown the 'old' parties that they can't just sit around pretending that some issues (like ipred) doesn't excist...

So basically: This election sucked on so many levels.
The future looks grim.